Waste.Co Recycling & Waste Management is a full-service waste and recycling solutions company headquartered in Pretoria, Gauteng. Focusing on being an environmental conscious company, Waste.Co provides turn-key, cost-saving recycling and waste management services. We help your business to rethink its resources in an effort to minimize waste and maximize value. 

Waste is a risk and if not managed properly, can cost you a lot of money. It only makes sense using a sustainable business leader that helps you reduce and recycle your waste in the most cost effective manner. Waste.Co does just that. We recycle the most common types of recyclables namely plastics, cans, glass and plastic bottles, paper, metals and e-waste. 

We at Waste.Co Recycling have the responsibility to manage waste in a manner that will comply with the strictest Environmental Legislation. 

Our motto – we don’t recycle because it is popular, we do it because it is right!

Our Clients

Our Goals

To create awareness around recyclable waste

To collect most recyclable waste before it goes to landfill sites

To effectively create employment through empowerment

To involve local communities and businesses in preserving the environment by reducing, re-using and recycling waste materials

Our mission​

To uplift, uphold and sustain a green environment.